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DEER HUNTER 2014 2.12.0

DEER HUNTER 2014 2.12.0 Free Download

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It’s not Chuck Testa, it’s a hunting simulator


For fans of the wild and survival experiences, DEER HUNTER 2014 transports players to different environments to test their hunting skills facing dangerous animals in their own territory. Developed by Glu, the game features mechanics from First-Person Shooters mixed with a mission based development in several areas of the world. Available for iOS and Android as a download for mobile devices, this action game presents an easy way to spend a couple of minutes hunting down diverse kinds of virtual animals or the online multiplayer experience participating in a challenging tournament.

The premise of this game to download is clear and very simple; you play as a hunter with different objectives around the world, such as hunting the white-tailed deer, savannah lions, cheetahs, black wolves or any predators you find. To help you in this effort, you will be equipped with different weapons for large range hunting such as sniper rifles and also short ranged firearms like a Desert Eagle or shotguns. This variety will lend you the opportunity of facing the animals the way you want to, depending on the species and their natural behavior.

Speaking of the technical aspect, the graphics are stunning with good recreations of free natural environments such as North Africa or British Columbia. The models of the animals are really good designed with different hitboxes based on their real anatomy, which are necessary for completing certain mission requests. In general terms, DEER HUNTER 2014 looks really good and provides a casual design for those users that are not so used to playing FPS games on mobile devices.

Look at nature and hunt them all down
Look at nature and hunt them all down

Get into the wild

One of the main aspects of DEER HUNTER 2014 is that it tries to simulate how real hunting is, but sometimes it turns into a shooter when predators spot you and attack. For this reason it is important to shoot your objective in vital spots to cast them down as soon as possible with a single hit. Depending on the mission you play, this will be an indispensable requirement, such as killing a lion with a heart shot or similar. The variety of animals is great with more than 100 different species including some unique creatures.

The game adds several kinds of missions, from hunting a number of species to getting some unique animals, divided into different challenges

The variety of weapons is also one of the strong points. You can get from simple guns to advanced rifles, but the interesting feature is the customization mode. DEER HUNTER 2014 allows the player to change some customizable elements such as adding sound suppressor, infrared visor or a scope, among other modifiable features such as ammo the gun uses or its power.

The game adds several kinds of missions, from hunting a number of species to get some unique animals, divided into different challenges. Additionally you will have an online multiplayer mode for challenging your friends to see who is the best, thanks to its leaderboard system and its exciting tournament mode.

Take your weapons to the limit
Take your weapons to the limit

DEER HUNTER 2014 2.12.0 Features

Check the main features for DEER HUNTER 2014:

  • Hunt over 100 different animal species in their natural environments with realistic behaviors
  • Online Multiplayer Cooperative game mode in which you can play along with your friends to test your hunting skills in a self-created tournament
  • Create your customizable weapons and enhance their performance with the different improvements included in the game
  • Get the trophies hunting down different creatures fulfilling the missions you need to complete
  • Realistic technical aspect with accurate animal models and physical hitboxes

For further details of this hunting game before you get the download, feel free to check the developer’s website through the following

System Requirements

Here you can check the requirements of DEER HUNTER 2014 for mobile devices:

  • OS: Android 2.1, iOS 5.1 or later
  • Size: 45MB free for Android and 54.2MB for the iOS version

free download


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